Dissolved air flotation & Lamella clarifier
Focus on separation  Service for environment

Room 501-5, Building 8, No. 3000, Longdong Avenue, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai

Jorsun established in Shanghai in 2004 .Now we have Jorsun Environment (Shanghai) and Jorsun Environment (Wuxi) . Pursue the aim of “ focus on separation,service for environment”.Committed to separation technology research and development, marketing,equipment manufacturing and services .

Main products and services include: XAF® series DAF, Lamella Clarifier ,and their integrated applications。Now more than 1,000 successful references are applied in the worldwide over 40 countries till now。

Jorsun is in pursuit of high quality, continuous innovation,determined to contribute more to environmental protection,become a leader of separation in water fields.

Air flotation equipment-Inclined plate settling basin-Mud scraper-Air flotation pool slag scraper-Shanghai Jorsun Environment Co., Ltd

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